Growing up in Vermont provided me with a gorgeous and diverse outdoor playground. It helped me gain a real appreciation for the natural environment, and led me to the wealth of activities that I’m so passionate about to this day.


Photography was just one of those things I came to love along the way. It melded nicely with the hiking, canoeing, fishing and hunting that I did so often. It allowed me to explore things with a bit of a different purpose, to see them from a fresh perspective, and to convey to people the deep pleasure the outdoors brought to me.


The decision to pursue photography as a career led me out of Vermont to continue my education at Rochester Institute of Technology, where in 1999, I earned a Bachelor of Fine arts Degree in Professional Photographic Illustration.


Still based near Rochester, NY, in the small town of Caledonia, I’ve enjoyed creating images for a wide variety of clients to use in their commercial, advertising and editorial applications. I specialize in photographing people on location, but am very fortunate to also enjoy a healthy balance of product and food photography, both on location and in the studio. Good food is another one of those things I tend to get pretty excited about!


Ultimately, if a client's need for great photography requires me to be outdoors with the cameras, that's when I'm the happiest! Some of my favorite work-days ever have been spent lying in the dirt on hot, humid afternoons, or standing chest-deep in icy trout-fishing creeks on the nastiest of mornings. Having been able to share these days with the fantastic people I've been surrounded with along the way just makes it that much better!

Grant Taylor Photography, Inc.